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 Zenglen  -  Dance In The Dark

  Album Information
Bang Bang Album Name: Bang Bang    
Artist Name: Carimi    
Genre: Konpa    
Producer: Antilles Mizik    
Release Date: N/A    
Price: N/A     

 Song NameArtist NameAlbum Name   
IntroCarimiBang BangN/A
Ayiti (Bang Bang)CarimiBang BangN/A
ApiyeCarimiBang BangN/A
PlayerCarimiBang BangN/A
WanrageCarimiBang BangN/A
InterludeCarimiBang BangN/A
I want to beCarimiBang BangN/A
Pa paleCarimiBang BangN/A
Chagrin KriminelCarimiBang BangN/A
ToumanCarimiBang BangN/A